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Trialsquare. Dashboard
Manage files
Manage your files

Navigation through the dashboard interface is intuitive and easy. Keep your eTMF and eISF up to date by using our browser-based software.

Work Remotely
Work remotely

Go paperless and improve efficiency throughout your whole study. Exchange documents with Sites and Vendors in a secure environment with no limits.

Generate Reports
Generate reports

Customize reports to your needs and track study progress through the cloud in real time from anywhere in the world.

Beyond the square.

Features & Benefits

Control everything

Develop folder structure, create naming conventions, annotate documents, assign due dates - you know your needs best, you control the settings.

Cut Costs

Cut costs and streamline the process by reducing CRAs and SCs workload in document management. Forget about printing, shipping and archiving site files.


All eTMF and eISF components, controls and policies required by US FDA 21 CFR Part 11, EU Annex 11 and Global Clinical Practice are built into the application.


The system is highly configurable and allows for flexibility all the way to the very last subfolder or individual user. This allows you to accommodate Site, Sponsor, CRO, Vendor or External Users working within one environment.

Simple & Robust

Easily Responsive
Simply Responsive

Trialsquare is fully responsive, which means that your work will shine regardless of the device you are using.

Support Included
Support Included

We have our own dedicated support staff to facilitate work with our system.

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Clinical Trials Professionals

Trialsquare was created by clinical trial professionals for clinical trial professionals. We offer support for the whole clinical trials process from start to finish – not only providing clients with tools, but also with the education, experience and knowledge required to smoothly conduct the project.

About Trialsquare.

We implement efficient solutions that make the processes in your project simple and allow full control and real-time access to data. Our mission is to design and deliver applications that are time and cost effective to ultimately help facilitate the delivery of new and efficient treatments to patients.